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maxwell the cat gif rocking back and forth.

welcome to gay cats! gay cats!

osiyo, emily daquadoa! welcome to my website that is the result of auDHD hyperfixation and many weed. i spent 5 months working on this site offline, its not finished and it never will be

im a mixed indigenous + white gamer, artist and hobbyist webdev and i made this little space on the internet to learn how to code and share my art and other things i like without having to deal with social media.

i also run the bisexualism webring for bi people on the small web!

feel free to look around and maybe leave a comment in the guestbook! ♥ if youre lost, you can use the map to find your way around!

osda iga heda!!

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helldiver saluting and getting acid spewed on him by a bile titan, then a second helldiver standing in front of a dead bile titan making the same salute.
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youre telling me a queer coded this. powered by bob. completely hand coded. mobile friendly. the web is yours. visual studio code. i love weed.
a drawing of winged victory mercy from overwatch holding a bisexual flag.